Our philosophy is based on that each individual in a team must love his/her everyday duties in order to generate maximum output. This entails that each and every person has to have individual incentives based on their personal goals and ambitions.

The main point is for the co-worker to be able to inject his/her personal ambitions in the organisation that he/she represents. That way the individual will be able to use the organisation as a leverage towards reaching his/her personal goals. That way we create a perpetual motivational tool for each and every person.

Furthermore success is about making the corporate culture a part of each individual. Words on a piece of paper in a board room, won’t cut it. For this to happen the organisation has to ensure that the individual feels involved and that he/she can understand and relate to the company’s purpose, visions and goals.

If a co-worker feels involved, he/she will start loving his/her work passionately. Why is that important? Because passion generates energy and energy generates sales. “People are where the energy is”.

Naturally there are lots of different drivers out there (confirmation, curiosity, revenge, money, etc) but regardless of the driver, each individual needs to understand that successful sales largely means sticking to protocol, being meticulous and working hard. Simple as that. If the individual is not prepared to make the necessary investment the driver won’t matter in the end.

To create long term sales success the sales management’s focus should be on developing inspired, harmonic, sympathetic and knowledgeable people. Harmonic and secure people will create an advantageous group dynamics and sales culture, which in turn will generate not only increased revenue but also a stronger brand and a genuineness (energy output) that inevitably will lead to market capitalisation.