We believe that there’s only one kind of sustainable leadership: the kind that helps each and every individual understand and relate to the vision and strategy of the company based on their own personal goals and ambitions. This creates engagement, responsibility and the feeling of ownership in all co-workers and leads to a much higher level of efficiency/profitability in the company.

Seventynine takes on interim executive management assignments in SME’s going through challenges but looking to generate sustainable profitable growth. For more information on our tried and tested process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Strategy development and implementation

Thanks to our interprofessional experience from both sales and sales management, we can help our clients develop and implement relevant sales strategies to then lead the implementation process as well as partake in staffing the sales organisation properly.

Phase 1: The process starts by performing a comprehensive situation analysis. Seventynine then assumes responsibility to concretise the senior managements visions and ideas into a strategy. Seventy-nine also acts as a support and sounding board to CEO/CSO throughout the strategy development process.

Phase 2: The sales strategy is approved by the board of directors after which the implementation process starts. The details of the implementation process are described as a part of the sales strategy, as it is individually designed based on the particular needs of each specific organisation.

Phase 3: Seventynine participates in staffing the sales team and sales management appropriately to ensure that the strategy is being upheld even after Seventynine concludes its assignment.

Sales management- and development

For a salesperson to get REALLY good at sales, passion for the craft is a prerequisite. To be able to love the craft in the long run, which often consists of cold calls, long trips and meticulous preparation or other tedious tasks, it’s required that motivation comes from within the individual and that it is based on personal goals and ambitions.

We help sales people concretise their personal goals and thus create the necessary conditions for them to continuously improve and deliver as close to their maximum potential as possible.

Our process involves establishing personal goals for each sales person based on individual ambitions. These personal goals are then transferred into professional goals that are in line with the organisation’s underlying strategy. When personal and professional goals are established, Seventynine helps transform theory into practice by working alongside the individual until the new way of thinking and working has been completely implemented. The last part of the process is periodic follow ups to offer support and to ensure continuity.

Operative Sales

As our world is moving rapidly towards complete digitisation, the demands on sales competence, relevance and behavioural understanding is higher then ever.

We love sales and we will remain in operative sales for as long as we live. Partly due to a passion for continuous improvement and development but also largely to maintain relevance and competitiveness in a constantly changing market. For that reason we happily accept operative sales assignments. By hiring Seventynine Sales Development for this you will gain access to:

  • Broad experience
  • New perspectives
  • Interprofessional competence
  • Quick takeoff
  • Flexibility
  • Large domestic- and international network

Furthermore: By using Seventynine Sales Development to explore the potential of a product or a service you eliminate a costly recruitment process as well as a potentially complicated shut-down.

Inspirational talks

“The sales department isn’t the whole company but the whole company better be the sales department” – Philip Kotler

We’ve all been there mentally – in a place where everything sucks. Clients, the product, your boss, colleagues, car, phone and computer sucks. Real hard.

Despite knowing that that state of wont help us deliver we end up there from time to time as a consequence of letting ourselves be affected by external factors.

The key to success is to muster the strength to maintain our energy levels, inspiration and motivation even through the tough times. Because they will come. That’s for certain.

The question is how.
How do we maintain our energy, our inspiration and our motivation?
In this inspirational lecture by Andreas Desai he answers this question in an easy going, humble and concrete way. How do we as individuals help ourselves muster the energy and the passion required for success?

Andreas Desai is a funny, dynamic and enthusiastic speaker who, with examples from his own international career in sales, gives us perspectives and tools to understand and realise our own full potential.


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