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SEVENTYNINE offers expertise in leadership, sales, communication and business development.


Andreas Desai is a funny, dynamic and enthusiastic speaker who, with examples from his own international career, gives us perspectives and tools to understand and realise our own full potential. The lectures are simple to understand and easy to digest.

“Get It Done”
About the art and the importance of executing thoughts and ideas.

“Can I learn to love my job?”
An inspirational lecture about making the most of your time at work.

”No matter the crowd, Desai always manages to tickle the curiosity of the listener. Through his direct and humourus communication he creates motivation to actually change ones behaviour – he gets people to stop thinking and start acting.”

Therese Lundstedt
CEO, Aktieinvest

The reason I have chosen to hire Andreas several times is first and formost thanks to his thorough research ahead of a sales meeting. The accuracy we got to experience is impossible to create without an extremely high level of engagement and sharpness”

Philip Therning
Head Of Sales, Manpower

“Easy going, entertaining and thoughtful, all at the same time. Just the inspiration our team needed.”

Viktoria Frössling

The Youtube talkshow that steals and shares successful people’s best ideas

About us

Many companies are, despite great expertise within their own field, held back due to lacking competence within management, sales, marketing and human resources.

These are the skills we provide in order to create the synergy needed to bring corporations to their full potential.

Seventynine consists of a carefully selected team of individuals who share the same philosophy of business and leadership.

Founder Andreas Desai is a driven and ambitious leader with inter professional experience and proven results within sales management, project management, marketing and sales strategy development. Andreas is socially well established and a good communicator in several languages. He has a broad regional and international network thanks to a current base in Sweden and a past in the Middle East, India and Canada.