Letter To Elon Musk’s PR Department


My name is Andreas. I am a nobody from a small town in Sweden who has made it my mission to assist people in realising their full potential. And by doing so also realising my own. 

As one part of that mission I run a Youtube channel Called Copy + Paste where I steal great people’s best ideas and share them with my viewers.

For a living I inspire people to “walk their own walks”, to understand that they are the masters of their own fate and to get busy working towards whatever it is that they want to achieve.

I’ve always believed in leading by example which is why I have decided to set an impossible goal for my self and then to realise it.

My goal (to be achieved before the 31st of January 2018) is to get the opportunity to ask Elon Musk a few questions in my Youtube channel.

Why should Elon do this?

Because he is passionate about inspiring people around the world. By agreeing to do this interview, he would help me prove, yet again, that no matter how ridiculous your goal is and no matter who you are or where you are – as long as you set a roadmap, commit and execute – there is no way you won’t reach your goal.

Even though I am doing this under “comedic branding”, I am dead serious about this request. I am obviously willing to travel whenever to wherever in order to make this happen.

I want to ask him five questions and estimate I would need approximately 15 minutes with him (the questions are already written and I can share them with you upon request).

More info on the project can be found on: https://www.seventy9.se/thehuntforelonmusk/

Please respond at your earliest convenience. Chances are I’ll become a pain in your ass otherwise.

Best Wishes,

Andreas Desai

+46 70 598 6990


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