Different good, different bad?

I heard someone say, recently, that different doesn’t necessarily have to be bad. And that gave me hope, frankly speaking. ‘Cause I’m different. Way different than the Swedish norm. I make very few “conventional” decisions, I’m loud, I’m often the center of attention and as soon as there is a few months of calm in my life, I seem to mix it up by deciding that I am still curious and that I want to learn more, develop further.

I push limits in all aspects of my life, not only professionally. I try to practice what I preach to an extent that’s potentially scary to some people, threatening.

I think my constant search for the next challenge, the next stage of development, the next insight sometimes gets misconstrued. Intentionally or unintentionally. All I know is that it hurts a lot every time it happens because it means someone misunderstood me or my actions instead of bringing it up with me to get it clarified.

My point is, as we are approaching election times in Sweden: If you have any questions about a party program or if you run in to an individual that you don’t understand, wherever he or she may come from, please ask them instead of making up your mind. Please get to know he/she/it before you judge.

And please do the same with me. Thank you.


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